Making Every Moment Count

George Ion serves God and the church in Galesu, S Romania.  He and fellow-believers continue to build on the past thirteen years of children’s ministry.  George says, “We try to the best of our abilities to show love and compassion to them.” God has blessed this ministry. In August last, two adults and four young people from the children’s ministry were baptized. Many came to the open-air service. George said, “It was a joy beyond words to be able to witness such a blessing.”

George Ion Family a
By God’s grace, the church is growing, and it is an honour and an undeserved privilege to see results in our lifetime.

Last summer George’s team organized a daily programme of education, sports and games, and a Bible lesson for 25 to 30 children.   The church youth group spent time at a centre in Dej, where they had good fun and useful spiritual teaching. Everyone grew in the Lord and in their relationships with one another.

George and the believers are committed to caring for children who lack food and clothing. They truly love these boys and girls and investment in their lives has paid off. Four of ‘their’ girls have been accepted into excellent high schools. Other children are pursuing good schooling.  The church also supports three abandoned children, and tries to provide them with true ‘family’ care.

George is passionate about the wider ministry of the Galesu church.  Recently a church plant was initiated in a village close to the town.

The church enjoys a good reputation with the local authorities, and as a result, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor both attended the August baptismal service. George prays that God will speak to them and bless them with eternal life in Jesus.   Among the church’s varied ministries are monthly visits to senior citizens in local care homes when the Gospel is preached and the residents prayed for.  George says;

“There is immense joy seeing the elderly people feeling loved and embraced and we do all this for the glory of God.”

Baptism service 07
God is great, God is just and God is good. It is our honour to be able to work alongside SGA[UK] in His vineyard.

George’s oldest son, Emanuel, has eye problems and is presently blind. However, there is hope of improvement.  More tests are needed and he is awaiting an appointment in Belgium. George prays “that God will open Emanuel’s eyes, just like He did for so many in the past.”