Joyful Christmas Blessings

Joy of Christmas

In the restrictive environment of Central Asia, God’s people endeavour to make the most of every opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their atheistic and Muslim neighbours. One fruitful ministry is the ‘Joy of Christmas’ project, providing vulnerable and disadvantaged children with gifts and sharing with them the true reason for the season’s celebrations. As they prepare for this Christmas, our Bibel Mission partners reflected on what happened in 2016 and God’s obvious provision and answer to prayer.

We ask you to support us in prayer. Pray for wisdom, that fear will not prevail and that people will continue to serve the Lord.
A Pastor from Tajikistan

They report that last year they were able to organize Christmas events and distribution of shoeboxes in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and rather surprisingly, Turkmenistan. All 3 countries have passed laws which restrict Christian activity among children. However, Turkmenistan is regarded as a ‘closed’ country and so it was a real answer to prayer that believers could distribute gifts there and share something of the truth of Jesus Christ. In Kazakhstan and Tajikistan special meetings were held in local churches, but visits were also made to hospitals, boarding schools and orphanages.

One leader of this ministry reported, “When preparations for the holidays began we simply prayed that as many children as possible would receive gifts this year. As we were preparing our events one thought kept going around and around in my mind - what if we do not have enough gifts? But that thought was soon replaced by another - God has everything under control. And He did. He arranged everything and placed this ministry on the hearts of Christians inside and outside of Central Asia. Glory to Jesus! He works wonders and has everything under control.”

Joy of Christmas

SGA is a long-time supporter of the ‘Joy of Christmas’ project and recognizes its importance in the context of Central Asia. Pray that as children enjoy what may be their only Christmas present, many will also know the joy of receiving the greatest gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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