A Need Met … but many more remain!

Thanks to SGA’s Leadership Support Project a vital need has been met in Poroscova, South Ukraine. John and Gaby Patras have taken up full-time ministry alongside David Chidesa, and are the most recent additions to our support programme. They are being provided with essential financial help by SGA. John is a church planter and his aim is to reach out from Poroscova to nurture several small groups of believers in villages penetrated initially by David, and with God’s help, to eventually establish these as churches.

John & Gabriel Patras

There are similar needs in other countries of SGA’s ministry, where the key to reaching people with the Gospel is village evangelism and church planting. However, financial support and other resources are desperately needed in order to sustain and develop such ministry. The Leadership Support Project came into being as a response to this ongoing, vital need, and since its re-launch this year we have been greatly encouraged. Churches and individuals have responded to the challenge and have committed themselves to regular support of a number of national workers.

Please continue to remember the Leadership Support project. More sponsors, in the form of individuals, groups, or churches are required, to commit themselves for a fixed period of time to the regular support of national workers. Regular giving of even small amounts of money is of sterling value in this important area of SGA’s work.

To find out more about this project please follow this link