What a start!

An explosive start! That would not be an exaggeration as we reflect upon the response to SGA’s ‘Getting Men Moving’ project. This practical and relatively inexpensive way of supporting faithful pastors, evangelists and church planters in their ministry has truly caught the attention of our prayer partners. Churches, groups and individuals have generously and enthusiastically taken up the challenge of helping national workers fulfil and expand their vital Gospel ministry into needy and isolated areas and villages.

GMM Front Cover

Two things are often difficult to convey satisfactorily to SGA’s many supporters and prayer partners at home. The first is the extent of the challenge of reaching individual and often isolated villages with the Gospel and ministry to believers. In the UK we enjoy the benefits of a very good infrastructure - well-surfaced roads, public transport which serves village and small town communities, ease of travel. The situation in many parts of Eastern Europe is very different, with poor roads and poor communication networks between village communities.

The second thing difficult to convey is the extent and depth of the blessing which this project will bring not only to the pastors and evangelists who will be mobilized, but to the communities and churches they serve. National workers and believers alike are thrilled when they hear of the prayerful interest of SGA partners, and when it is translated into such practical forms of ministry support and help, their joy is unbounded. This project will truly make a difference, and it will be a difference with eternal consequences and blessings!

Yuri With Bike

Already a substantial gift has been sent to Moldova, and the first motorbikes have been purchased there. In the accompanying photographs you can see the delight these have brought to two men, Yuri and Leonid. They are aware of how valuable an asset the motorbike is, saving time and preserving energy for their demanding ministries. We know of possibilities in other countries, where the supply of these bikes will be so useful in taking God’s Word to isolated communities. The generosity of SGA supporters also means that we may be able to provide some older men with small second-hand cars, where the use of a motorbike would not be appropriate.

The ‘Getting Men Moving’ project continues, and gifts large and small will be invested in this immensely practical way of helping our national workers to carry out their responsibilities more effectively and penetrate more and more village communities with the Gospel.

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