Confidence in the Gospel

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From the General Director

Derek Maxwell

Today’s society seems to be becoming more and more resistant to the Gospel.  A few decades ago Christianity was the dominant worldview in our society, but now we have multiple worldviews.  In the context of this pluralism, it has become unacceptable to assert that any one particular belief represents truth more than others. Consequently, religious belief is considered by many to be merely a matter of subjective personal choice rather than objective truth.  So how can we present the Gospel with maximum effect.

Having recently shared at some seminars entitled ‘Reaching your Community with the Gospel,’ I have become more convinced about the growing need to have renewed confidence in the Gospel.  Paul the Apostle, who was filled with a genuine confidence in the Gospel, declared unequivocally that ‘it is the power of God unto salvation’.   Perhaps we need to renew a ‘Gospel-confident culture’ within our churches so that we engage in evangelism and Gospel preaching more effectively.   

Whenever Christians lose their confidence in the Bible they also lose their zeal for evangelism….
John Stott

Sadly, today’s trends are undermining the message of the Gospel, and marginalizing the messengers.  Now we are not just confronted with apathy, but a pluralistic society that has fuelled an intolerant attitude toward the church and its message.  Those who stand firm for the Bible’s teachings and proclaim that Jesus is the ‘Way, the Truth and the Life’ are classified as fanatics.   Consequently, the reaction of some is to ‘dilute the message’ so that it is more acceptable to those who ‘will not endure sound doctrine’.  We must never compromise the message but be bold in proclaiming the whole Truth.  Whatever society’s attitude may be, we can be assured that ‘the Gospel is not speculation but fact.  It is truth, because it is the record of a person who is the Truth’. [Alexander Maclaren] 

Training gospel leaders

In its record of the apostle Paul’s ministry, the book of Acts provides clear examples of the spread of the Gospel in a growing multi-cultural society. Paul’s confidence in the Gospel permeated every area of his living and ministry.  His burning desire was to reach all with the Gospel message.  Today in Eastern Europe and Central Asia there are faithful servants proclaiming the unadulterated Gospel simply and clearly.  It is encouraging to read in this magazine how opportunities are being maximised to sound out the Gospel during the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  

Across the airwaves the Gospel is confidently proclaimed.  Transportation is being provided for those who, with confidence in the Gospel, are evangelizing unreached communities.  You will also be reminded in this issue of the power of the Gospel as you read about a former monk who was changed through this glorious message.  Praise God we have a message to bring to the nations!   May we be like the early church who ‘gossiped the Gospel’.  May we go forward as the church of Jesus Christ with a renewed confidence in the message of the Gospel!