Floods and Gospel Growth in Serbia

On a recent trip to Serbia an SGA staff member reported that it was a joy to meet with the new church in the village of Uljma. God had obviously been with them and blessed their endeavours. However, just a few days before the visit their village was severely flooded leaving two dead and many homes badly damaged. A request was made for help to SGA and a financial gift was sent which helped the members of the church respond to the crisis. Whilst much needed practical aid was given, we thank God for the spiritual benefits that came about as a result of this ministry. Nenad Kalaji, the church planter reports “Because of the love and care that was shown to them, the number of those coming to the church is growing. It is the Lord’s grace to see the meeting room packed with entire families who are seeking the living God … We need a lot of prayers so please do not forget to pray for us!”



Uljma a
Uljma 3 a

Teaching Children the Value of Prayer

A new venture for SGA, is this colourful children’s book telling the true story of how God answered the prayers of a small boy in Romania. Aimed at children between 5-10yrs of age, Banana Man teaches them the importance of prayer and the way in which God can wonderfully answer. Including a colouring page and puzzles, this book introduces young children to SGA in a way they can understand. 
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Banana Man Cover

Concern in Kyrgyzstan

Worrying reports have emerged from Kyrgyzstan highlighting proposed new laws which would effectively mean the full state censorship of all religious literature which has been published, distributed or photocopied in the country. In addition, the sharing of beliefs would be banned, adults wanting to study faith abroad would have to notify government officials and further restrictions would be brought in which would make it more difficult to register ‘religious communities’. One official said, “I am not against freedom, but there must be limits.”

At the time of writing, these new proposals have been approved by the government, but have yet to be passed by Parliament. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Kyrgyzstan as they face an uncertain future.

Rejoicing with those who Rejoice

In June SGA staff members had the joy of celebrating with the students of the SGA Belgrade Bible School in Serbia, as their years of study were completed. There was a wonderful atmosphere on the Saturday afternoon as the last lectures were delivered followed by the graduation service.

Around twenty students graduated, some with a certificate of attendance, the others who had attended every session and completed every homework paper receiving an SGA Mission School Diploma. What a joy it was to rejoice together with them in what God has accomplished in their lives.

One student of retirement age, stayed up all night Friday to bake a huge cake with the mission’s initials, “SGA”. The eighty eggs made the cake very moist and delicious!

We thank God for the school in Belgrade, for the dedication of the students and those who oversee this ministry. We look forward to hearing reports of how God uses these ‘better equipped’ servants. Thank you for your prayers over the years for this school, the students and the teaching. Please continue to pray for their ministries, that through these men and women, others in Serbia will hear about and come to know Jesus Christ as Saviour.

Belgrade school grad a
Belgrade Bible School Graduation