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Few pastors have experienced such a dramatic vehicular failure as Jaroslaw Korzeniowski, but many will understand the difficulties that the loss of a vehicle can cause. In Wejherowo, north east Poland, where Jaric is pastor, there are very few evangelical churches, and church members are spread over a wide area. A vehicle was therefore essential if Jaric was to carry out his pastoral ministry effectively, but the purchase of a reliable replacement was beyond his financial means. When SGA heard of Jaric’s predicament there was a readiness to help.

My former car was 20 years old and in poor condition. Once when I was returning from a mission meeting the car broke into two pieces with the front end separated from the rear of the vehicle. Thankfully I was in traffic and driving slowly.

“Thanks to the support of SGA in the purchase of a new car, I can now serve the Lord in a much more effective manner. The car is used for mission work and it also serves other members of our fellowship when I can transport them to Bible Conferences or home meetings. Thanks to the fact that the car is new and without mechanical problems, I can plan this ministry without concern. Before this, every trip was taken with a degree of fear that I couldn’t get there or return.” Jaric is one of a number of pastors whom SGA has helped to purchase cars.

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In Moldova transport has been provided by SGA for many pastors, evangelists and church planters in the form of motorbikes. Road conditions, cheaper running costs and the need often to move between several remote villages make a motorbike more useful than a car. SGA’s updated project ‘The Gospel on the Move’, gives supporters further opportunity to provide vehicles for our ministry partners in Eastern Europe. A suitable motorbike can be purchased for as little as £575, but the benefits for ministry are of much greater value. A difficult to reach village hears the Gospel for the first time from an evangelist. A fellowship that meets each Sunday in an isolated House of Prayer is visited more frequently by its pastor. An infirm elderly person living in an outlying place receives a much-appreciated pastoral visit. These are just a few of the benefits which provision of a motorbike affords.

The motorcycle helps very much in my ministry. I use it every day. I’m very thankful for it and I’m very grateful for those who sponsored and bought it. Praise the Lord that I have it!
Pastor Peter Maga, Moldova

The proceeds from this year’s SGA Christmas cards will help support ‘The Gospel on the Move’ project. Find out more about this project here.

Christmas Cards can be obtained from your local representative or ordered here.