Home Partnership

Partnering with individuals and church fellowships in the UK and Ireland is at the backbone of our expanding ministry on the mission field.

We are very aware that the effectiveness of ministry in the different countries in which we serve is due to the prayer ministry and practical support of faithful supporters here at home. Those on the ‘front line’ are blessed, encouraged, and equipped through the involvement of those ‘at home’, who are moved to help by the Holy Spirit.

For this reason SGA is so thankful for the many individuals, churches, and prayer groups which have developed a partnership that is deep and meaningful. This has resulted in intercessory prayer, dedicated support, genuine encouragement, and incredible generosity, which enables the Mission to support many worthy projects. Everything we do becomes possible due to our partners' faithful commitment to the ministry!

The idea of partnership in mission is nothing new. Working in partnership was a consistent feature of ministry in the New Testament church. SGA considers ‘Home Partnership’ as a way of enabling and encouraging collaboration between believers and the Mission’s vision to proclaim Christ’s love and offer of Salvation, and to promote church planting and growth.

However, ‘Home Partnership’ is a two-way blessing. While lasting blessing has flowed from these Islands to reach Eastern Europe, Central Asia and more recently Far East Russia, pastors and missionary secretaries at home have expressed a richness of blessing experienced through partnership in Mission with SGA.

Helen, the missionary secretary from Chardsmead Baptist Church in Bridport writes…

'It is humbling to see the enthusiasm of the local Christians in Eastern Europe and Central Asia reaching out to their friends and neighbours, towns and cities.

It is challenging for us to observe their zeal while often experiencing great poverty, and good for us in the wealthier west to contribute towards their financial needs.

Our church would definitely be poorer without the privilege of partnership with SGA, and we praise God for this enrichment.'

Pastor Darran from Ebenezer Evangelical Church in Pontnewydd writes…

'It is so easy as a local fellowship to simply look at what we are doing, become insular, and forget what God is doing elsewhere.

Scripture tells us to consider others as well, those who are imprisoned or persecuted for righteousness' sake, and to be with them, as if we were there by their side chained up or free.

We partner with SGA because the Gospel isn’t confined to borders; it doesn’t change when it leaves our shores, and it is necessary for lost souls to hear and to receive the Good News of Jesus Christ. For this reason, we are connected to those in Slavic countries and elsewhere'.

People in Church Service

The Apostle Paul once extolled Titus as his “partner and fellow worker” 2Cor. 8v23.

Steve Moore’s quotation summarises the importance of partnership in Mission – ‘The Great Commission is too big for anyone to accomplish alone and too important not to try to do together’. We cannot do this work alone. We need you so that we can work together as Paul reminded the Corinthian believers.

Contact the SGA office or your local SGA Representative to find out ways of partnering in mission with SGA.

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Together, we can share Christ around the world!