Gospel-centred Partnership

Praise God that SGA’s ministry continues to strengthen and grow, even surprising staff members at times.

A vital part of this growth in the countries in which we serve is quality, Gospel-centred partnerships. This working together is built on a solid foundation of trust and respect, and from this togetherness many projects have been developed, driven by a shared passion for people to hear the Gospel.

The following are three healthy partnerships which continue to help make ministry even more fruitful.

SGA International

Serving together in Far East Russia

Across the world there are five International SGA offices. Four of these (USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) together focus their ministries in Russia and other CIS countries. We in SGA(UK) have always focused on the former satellite communist countries of Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

At the 2016 SGA International SGA Directors' Conference in Sacramento, a partnership strategy was presented to promote Gospel advance and evangelism in the barren and spiritually dark communities of Far East Russia. This new venture excited both Council and staff of SGA(UK), and after prayer and discussion our partnership and ministry began. In 2018 we commenced support of 3 missionary pastors. This increased through our 70th Anniversary Project, so that we now help to finance 11 missionary families, with others being considered for support.

SGA(UK) provided funds for the Covid-19 relief effort among believers and non-believers in Far East Russia. Some pastors and wives, and other church members travelled for weeks at a time distributing aid and sharing the Gospel with those in great need.

There is a marked urgency about SGA’s united initiative. Over six million people live in this region. Many live in isolated villages with no road access, no electricity, telephone or internet connections, and no church buildings. This is ‘a frontline ministry’! The acute spiritual needs of the region demand a united effort while the doors still remain open for missionary activity.

Bibel Mission

Serving together in Central Asia

For over 20 years SGA(UK) has enjoyed a strong partnership with Bibel Mission from Germany, which sustains the ministry in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and enabled further spread into other Central Asian nations.

Staff continue to lecture at Almaty Bible Institute, Kazakhstan. The ‘1-10 Project’ (one person reaching ten) receives our support, along with the online Independent Bible Correspondence School, teaching and equipping people across Central Asia.

SGA, with Bibel Mission, has financially supported the building of many Hope Centres. These Christian centres provide food, showers, schooling, Bible teaching and more to the communities around them.

The preparation and publication of Kazakh Bibles and Children’s Story Bibles was another joyful project born out of this enduring partnership.

Hope Centre People
Hope Centre Bibel Mission

Trans World Radio

Serving together in Central Asia

The radio remains popular in Central Asia, while the internet has limited availability to around only 15% of people. In some countries Christian books are now banned. However, thousands of people have been brought to Christ through the radio work of TWR.

SGA partnered with TWR around four years ago, funding the radio programme series, ‘Power in Persecution’. These programmes brought hope, comfort, and strength to persecuted believers across C Asia. Many discovered they were not alone in their Christian faith and in their difficult situations, and through regular listening they were given biblical wisdom for their walk with Christ.

We are excited that plans to extend our ministry partnership with TWR are taking shape. Watch out for an update soon!

Here is Jesse’s Story:

Jesse is a typical young adult in Central Asia. He is loyal to his family and has tried to embrace their religion. But studying the Quran does not answer his questions, and those recruiting young men for radicalism do not seem to have answers either. Jesse wants to know God, but he feels empty. He risks sharing with his best friend, Alex, that he still has a lot of questions about God. It opens a door.

Jesse was so surprised when Alex said he had been listening to a Christian broadcast. Alex was nervous about saying it. But Jesse was his best friend, and he wanted to talk about the Trans World Radio programme with someone. They decided to listen together. It was risky, but they listened on their cell phones. If someone learned of it, they could be charged with a crime.

They kept listening in secret. Someone in the programmes explained how to follow Jesus. They decided to do it.

Jesse heard about people praying in the middle of the night. He went and met the most joyful people he had ever seen. All of these people listen to the online programmes and radio broadcasts by Trans World Radio. They are praying for each other as they live their faith secretly. Jesse hopes that someday Alex will join him at that meeting.

Praise God with us for our strong partnerships with SGA International, Bibel Mission, and Trans World Radio. A TWR worker said, ‘When we go together, we can go far.’