Training Godly Minds

'Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labour.'
Ecclesiastes 4v9

The writer of Ecclesiastes here emphasizes the value and harvest of productive partnership. With the help of reliable partners, the amount and quality of work done increases dramatically. In the realm of Biblical Education, such partners are needed more now than at any other time. SGA believes strongly in the value of such education, and is aware that delivering this depends upon our reliable partners. The results are a strong church leadership in the countries in which SGA serves.

In Romania, Emanuel Christian University in Oradea offers invaluable teaching and training, not only in Theology and Biblical studies, but in Economics & Commerce, Communications and Media, Nursing and Information Technology. The university has government accreditation, and through its range of courses is preparing leaders across the spectrum of life in Romania and beyond.

Emanuel University is putting “missionaries” into workplaces, classrooms and boardrooms as well as directly into church ministry. Lord Brian Griffiths (UK House of Lords) stated: ‘Emanuel is of vital economic, social and spiritual importance for the future, not just for Romania but for the whole region’.

Another SGA partner in education is the Almaty Bible Institute in Kazakhstan. Here the conditions for work and ministry are very different. The context is Islamic, and it requires wisdom and maturity to live and work as a believer there. Almaty Bible institute concentrates on Biblical and Theological education, training evangelists, pastors and other Christian workers to maintain a ministry in the restricted and sometimes dangerous circumstances experienced in Islamic dominated regions.

The Bible Institute in Almaty maintains contact with its graduates providing opportunities for further times of fellowship, and refresher courses to keep their faith and ministry strong.

ABI Building
ABI Building 2

Odessa Theological Seminary is an established evangelical training institute which has produced more than 2500 graduates in the last 30 years, 96% of whom are serving in Gospel ministry. The fall of Communism opened a door for religious freedom, which evangelical believers joyfully welcomed.

However, in the last few years there has developed a tightening grip on evangelicals in some former Communist-ruled regions. It is becoming more and more difficult for example, to enter Russian territories as Gospel workers, a trend which is regarded as an opportunity by the Odessa Seminary.

Their Ukrainian graduates are free to travel into parts of Russia that others find difficult or even impossible to access. The school at Odessa with its clear Bible-based training, prepares men and women for a variety of Christian ministries in local churches, in cross-cultural mission, and in community and social work.

Teaching and training from a Biblical perspective lies at the very heart of SGA’s ministry in E Europe, C Asia and F E Russia. Staff members are involved directly in Biblical education through the SGA’s Biblical Leadership Training programme of Mission Schools, and also by feeding into internally organized training programmes such as these in Romania, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.