Training Fruitful Servants

The students of SGA’s Mission Schools come in all shapes and sizes, from many very different backgrounds and communities, and out of a wide range of personal and family circumstances.

In many of our classes we have an intriguing cross-section of the population, and it is thrilling to realize that God has reached them all. He is not bound by the distinctions and categories fashioned by men.

The variety of ministries and Christian service for which they train and in which they are involved, is wide-ranging.

The Mission School in Ruptawa, Poland, lists among its graduates one serving pastor, and several evangelists and church elders.

Present students include Jozef, a member of the evangelical church in Chrzanow, where he has served as a worship leader. During his training he has begun to preach, ministering the Word of God.

He is also active in personal evangelism and every Thursday goes into city with several friends to share the Gospel there. He regularly distributes tracts, New Testaments, and Christian books.

Student Lectures Studies

Lukasz, also a Ruptawa student, is responsible for the technical support and sound system in the church at Pszczyna.

He also supervises the internet channels on which the church broadcasts services.

The SGA missionary school has helped him understand better the spiritual truths and principles which he is often to summarize and illustrate for Powerpoint presentations.

He is also involved in regular personal and street evangelism.

A number of students in SGA’s classes in the Almaty Bible Institute, Kazakhstan, are involved in children’s and young people’s work. Sherzat is 21 years old and from the city of Shymkent in southern Kazakhstan.

He is a relatively young believer, and writes with enthusiasm about his involvement:

The main part of my ministry at the moment is working with young people. I am an active member of the Youth Ministry team. We plan our youth events, youth groups, trips to the mountains, camps, conferences, training, home groups… During the pandemic, my previous experience as a church operator with technical experience and video experience gave me the opportunity to set up an online service. This was a good tool until there were live meetings.

Sherzat is also involved in his church’s humanitarian ministry, distributing food and clothing and other helps to those in need, especially in the circumstances brought about by the pandemic.

Tatyana [Kyrgystan] and Zhenya [Kazakhstan], also ABI students, are both involved in children’s and youth ministry, in particular Sunday School teaching and summer evangelistic camps. They have a deep burden for the younger generation growing up in a context of false religion, apathy and unbelief.

It is thrilling to see how students in our Mission Schools pursue every possible avenue of ministry.

Alongside what might be regarded as the ‘normal’ activities, such as preaching and teaching, children’s and youth ministry, camp ministry and summer Bible Schools, students have been, and are involved in counselling and rehabilitation ministries, humanitarian relief offered to the elderly and the vulnerable, street evangelism, engagement with orphanages and schools to teach the Bible, and so on.

Perhaps the best summary possible is in that little Pauline phrase –

‘…that by all means I might save some’. (1 Cor.9:22)

To God be the glory!