Our Men in Romania - Part Two

SGA’s strategy is the result of God’s direction and guidance through its Council and Staff. SGA is not a ‘sending’ mission in the usual manner, but assists and support indigenous churches and leaders to carry out their Gospel commission.  

SGA needs solid, faithful, and mature native Christian leaders for the effective fulfilment of its ministry. 

We praise God for giving us such spiritually powerful and committed men in the land of Romania.

Beni Faragau

Senior Pastor of Iris Baptist Church, Cluj-Napoca, Author and Bible Teacher

Ben & Nora Faragau
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Each one of us is a result of God’s gracious input into our lives.

Looking back, SGA was used by God to support and help build His ministry in Romania. In the 70s and 80s it was accomplished by systematic teaching, most of the time in hiding in the woods of Romania.

Then the Communist system collapsed. The previous years of SGA’s teaching had laid the foundation for a ministry now opening before us. With SGA support we were able to enter an open door which has eventually helped us to provide direction in Bible study for 16,000 churches.

Christian literature and Bible commentaries were non-existent. SGA provided financial support to write and publish Bible commentaries, of which there are now more than forty. How blessed has been the faithfulness of SGA and its supporters to our ministry! All glory belongs to God. 

Recently, through another SGA supported pastor, Samuel Cristian, a new ministry was initiated, with the aim of bringing children and parents to study the Bible together.

I praise the Lord for the miracle of the answered prayers of so many in UK, and for their generous support. Behind the SGA team are many supporters. May God bless every one of you. One day, in God’s presence, the impact of your prayers and generosity will be fully revealed.

Dinu Moga

General Manager, Faclia Publishing House, Oradea

Dinu Moga
Faclia Pub Romania

In the early 1980s SGA responded to a great need in our churches - the training of people for the ministry. They established ‘The School of the Prophets’. I enrolled in that school in 1987 and that blessed experience led me to further theological training in UK. 

Other branches of the school were established in Zalău, Baia Mare and other locations. These brought great blessing to many in training for the Lord’s work in our churches. The dedication and perseverance of all the staff from SGA to these mission schools was very inspiring. 

In 1996 my wife, Lydia, and I, with a small team of linguists, established what is now Faclia Publishing House, a literature ministry which is vital for the spiritual and theological development of our churches.

SGA has played an important role in the production and publication of key theological resources which are now used in theological schools, seminaries, and Christian colleges here.

I thank God for SGA’s vision for the spiritual need of the whole country of Romania.

Gigi Dobrin

Former senior pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, Medias

Gigi Dobrin
Medias Group

The words, Slavic Gospel Association, remind me of many with whom I have come in contact over the last 35 years. The staff, volunteers, and SGA supporters have constantly helped me in the work of pastoral ministry through counselling, through literature, through my theological formation and through the development of the Bethel Bible School programme in Mediaș.

SGA’s school contributed to the formation of over 100 ministers who are actively involved in many churches, and to the planting of 8 new churches in the Mediaș area.

The personal example, dedication, passion, and Christlike character of the teachers sent by SGA to equip the students at the Bible School have left their mark on the life and service of an entire generation. The leadership, ministry, and relationship model of SGA leaders had a special impact on me in my pastoral ministry.

After more than 35 years of fruitful service together with SGA, a renewed connection with SGA has been made in January 2020, with the inauguration of a new SGA/Bethel Bible School in Mediaș.

Slavic Gospel Association was and is God’s blessing to many churches in Romania. I am grateful to God for His gracious opportunity to serve with SGA.