Our Men in Romania - Part One

SGA’s strategy is the result of God’s direction and guidance through its Council and Staff. SGA is not a ‘sending’ mission in the usual manner, but assists and support indigenous churches and leaders to carry out their Gospel commission.

SGA needs solid, faithful, and mature native Christian leaders for the effective fulfilment of its ministry.

We praise God for giving us such spiritually powerful and committed men in the land of Romania.

Paul Negrut

Senior Pastor Emanuel Baptist Church & Dean of Emanuel Christian University, Oradea

Paul Negrut
Emanuel Graduation 2

During the 1970s Communists, led by dictator Ceaucescu, controlled the Romanian Government and economy, and also the minds of the people, through indoctrination in schools, media, factories, homes and churches.

During that time I met secretly with two strangers from the UK who had a desire and commitment to help us study the Word of God. They were from SGA. This was the beginning of a lifetime partnership and friendship in Christ. We planned to meet in hiding to study the Bible, pray, and be equipped to train others. Mountains, woods, or homes were our classrooms during hot, freezing, rainy and windy days. I remember those meetings. Our minds were opened and our hearts were burning. 

In the mid 1980s an underground Bible School in the old 2nd Baptist Church, Oradea. trained young people for ministry. SGA teams came secretly, providing teaching and Bible study books. About 100 young people engaged in this programme. The teaching and example set by SGA teachers greatly influenced our young people and churches. 

With the downfall of Communism a new day dawned for Romania.

Together with SGA, we understood the need of the hour - more Bible schools, and an Evangelical University! SGA provided teachers, books and supplies for the training programmes. Now, decades later, we look back with grateful hearts to God and with gratitude to SGA for faithful and consistent support throughout the years in training, equipping and supporting our churches and schools.

Oni Mladin

Pastor of Dragostea Baptist Church, Arad, & SGA Regional Co-ordinator for Romania

Oni Mladin
Arad School

I have been the pastor of Love Baptist Church in Arad, Romania since 1991. It is the church I grew up in. After my conversion in 1977 I entered an SGA discipleship programme which had a lasting impact on my faith. I did not anticipate then what a significant influence on my life and ministry SGA would have.  

Former SGA director Trevor Harris was a particular source of blessing. With wisdom he helped me with my big decision to become a full-time pastor.

Gospel partnership with SGA has since developed and strengthened, both in our local church, and in mission work in Slatina, Ukraine, where we work in partnership with David Chidesa. SGA recognized the potential there and provided money to buy and renovate a property as a church building and home for David.

SGA Mission Schools were conducted there, and in our home church also. Many Gospel workers benefitted from these courses and I have since been thrilled to help establish new training centres in other parts of the country at the request of young pastors.

In 2019 I became SGA’s Field Co-ordinator for Romania. I sincerely pray that in the years ahead we can strengthen and develop SGA’s ministry in our country. As a result of that partnership we hope to see many more churches planted, and many more missionaries working to extend the Kingdom of God in Romania.