Sponsor a Student

For nearly 50 years, SGA has been involved in the training and support of students in Mission Schools. For these men and women this is an opportunity to receive sound theological training which otherwise they would have no access to, nor would they be able to afford it.
Each school has a planned curriculum along with set assignments and examinations. Those completing the course successfully receive a diploma. Would you consider sponsoring a student, so they can be equipped for Gospel service?

Sponsoring a student at Balti Mission School, Moldova:

Students at Balti study part-time for 2 years.  For many the opportunity to study also brings financial hardship and job uncertainty.  Each student sponsorship costs £45 per month for a period of 2 years. Sponsors receive a brief update and prayer requests twice a year.

Balti Graduation Service

Sponsoring students at Almaty Bible Institute:

Students at ABI in Kazakhstan can study part-time or full-time. This is strategic training for ministry and many students come from C Asian countries where the Gospel is not permitted. Each student sponsorship costs around £55 per month. A general ABI report is obtained twice a year.

Sponsoring students at IBCS:

In partnership with Bibel Mission, SGA supports and sponsors students in Independant Bible Correspondance School (C Asia). In 2020 a total of 2,015 students were trained both online and offline.

IBCS is available in 10 countries and offers 9 different languages. 22% of students come from predominantly Muslim countries.

Will you help support and train a student in the ministry of the Gospel in C Asia for £15 per month?

Unfortunately, due to restrictions and protecting the identity of students, we are unable to send out personal reports but a general IBCS report is obtained once a year.