Basic Bible Truths

The Good News Foundation in Hungary is teaching children and young adults basic Bible truths through a variety of ways.
The opportunity to learn basic Bible truths is sadly lacking for many children today. In Hungary Donat and Barbara Ficsor are seeking to address this by visiting children in churches and camps to share the importance and wonder of God’s creation.
Donat and Barbara with their family

At one of these camps, a young teacher was present. Brought up as an atheist, she was wonderfully saved a few years ago but recognises that the foundational things were missing from her knowledge of the Bible. She writes: “It was a privilege to learn and experience new things with the Creation team. I am grateful for finally having received answers to many questions I always wanted to ask”.

The Good News Foundation, which Donat leads, is teaching children and young adults these truths. They also try to educate those involved with children such as parents, teachers, and pastors, to understand that education has a vital role in forming the students’ way of thinking.

Donat says, “We Christians have to use any tools to reach the young generation with the basics of the Bible: Christian teachers have to stand firm”.

Donat sharing at a Creation conference
Pray for these and other opportunities to spread the Gospel through children’s ministry in Hungary.