SGA’s work continues to expand as the Gospel is proclaimed by faithful, indigenous believers. Due to the growth of our field ministry, we decided to appoint national believers to co-ordinate SGA’s ministry in their respective countries, rather than employing more UK-based personnel. We believe that this is not only efficient, but good stewardship of our resources.

Regional Co-ordinators have already been appointed in Moldova, Romania and Ukraine, and each has experience of church planting and a heart for the expansion of the Gospel.


Peter Mihalchiuk 03

Pastor Peter Mihalchiuk

Peter is a long-standing friend and associate of SGA and its ministry in Moldova. From his church in Kalarashovka on the Ukrainian border he encouraged a programme of church planting, encouraging and mentoring young men in ministry, a role which he continues to fulfil to this day.

Peter serves as SGA’s Regional Co-ordinator for Moldova, overseeing the Mission’s various ministries including the Mission School in Balti, the provision of transport for missionaries, the Houses of Prayer project, and financial support for those in need.


Oni Mladin

Pastor Onisim Mladin

From the early years of SGA’s involvement in ministry in Romania, Oni has been a partner in the work of the Gospel.

He has a vision for church planting, and from his home church in Arad, he has travelled extensively in the country, encouraging and supporting young pastors to establish a Gospel witness in spiritually needy communities. 

Oni has given SGA wise counsel and advice about the establishment of Mission Schools in his region and beyond. 

As Regional Co-ordinator his role involves overseeing SGA’s activities such as Leadership Training, Leadership Support, and the Widows' Project, throughout the whole country.


Ps Roman Vecherkovsky Reg Coord Ukraine

Pastor Roman Vecherkovsky

Following theological training Roman was called of God to church planting ministry in the Perm region of Russia.  He, with several colleagues, had the joy of seeing an initial group of about twelve grow to 120. 

After almost 20 years there Roman answered a ‘Macedonian call’ from brothers in his home city of Mariupol, East Ukraine, to return there to pastor a large church in the city. The war had already erupted in that region, but convinced that this was God’s will, he with his family answered the call. 

Roman oversees SGA’s work in Ukraine, including Leadership Training, Leadership Support, Houses of Prayer, and various humanitarian projects for needy and vulnerable people in difficult circumstances.