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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ
Radio Ministry Proclaiming Christ across the airwaves Supporting radio ministry in Eastern Europe
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Mission & Radio

Since its birth, the Church has endeavoured to obey Jesus Christ and go into all the world to preach the Gospel. To fulfil its calling it has tried to make the best use of the tools available to it. Paul wrote letters which then were widely distributed. The reformers made good use of the recently invented printing press. In today’s technological age, radio is a further instrument being put to good use in Gospel ministry.

There are many advantages to radio ministry.

It is:

personal since relationships develop between the listener and presenter of the programme.

efficient since a small team of workers can potentially reach whole towns, cities and even nations with the Gospel.

effective since radio programmes reach people unreached by other forms of evangelism.

fruitful because men and women are converted and believers are strengthened in their faith.

Radio 1For these reasons SGA is involved in radio ministry and supports the production and broadcast of Christian programmes. Experience has shown that radio is a wonderful instrument in God’s hand. Through it national evangelists can penetrate communities which are otherwise closed to the Gospel. They can communicate directly with people in the privacy of their homes, cars, work places and even prison cells.

SGA & Radio

In Poland

Radio 4For over 40 years ‘Radio Voice of the Gospel Foundation’ has been producing Christian programmes which are then broadcast on local, national and internet radio stations. SGA partners with this ministry in the production of evangelistic programmes, Christian meditations and radio documentaries based on the lives of addicts and others who have been changed by the power of the Gospel.

This Foundation has won national awards for its productions and official statistics show that 200,000 people listen to the programmes each week. The material produced is also broadcast into 140 prisons and custody centres, gaining a hearing among those who have no other opportunity to hear God’s Word.

In Romania

Radio Station‘Radio Voice of the Gospel’ is a ministry which has been broadcasting since 1994. There are stations in 11 cities and programmes are also available on the internet and across Europe via satellite. Sermons, talk-shows, music, interviews, news and radio drama make up the broadcasts. SGA sponsors a number of these programmes which are used by God to touch the lives of many people.

These partners need our help. Join with us as we support their ministry.