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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ
Medical Mission Front Ministering To Body & Soul Sharing the message of the Gospel through compassionate medical care
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“There are serious problems with the medical care offered in Ukraine & Moldova ... Many people have nowhere to go for help and are suffering.”

The provision of high quality medical treatment free at the point of access is something most in the UK take for granted. Unfortunately this is not the case in Moldova and parts of Ukraine, where the health care system has been neglected for many years.

Dr's ExaminationAs a result hospitals have been closed, medicines are in short supply, and there is a scarcity of properly trained doctors. In addition, it is not uncommon for medical professionals to demand a fee to supplement their low wages. In such a context those who are poor, and those living in rural areas often struggle to receive the medical care they need.

Believers were moved to address this critical need, and as a result a wonderful Gospel opportunity has emerged.

Peter Mihalchiuk, a long-standing friend of SGA, saw the great need and sensed an opportunity to minister to both body and soul. Working alongside Christian doctors he organized teams of medical professionals who visit villages and set up temporary clinics which local people attend free of charge. Each team consults with up to a 100 patients a day and offers medical advice along with necessary medication as available. At these temporary clinics Peter ministers to people’s spiritual needs through evangelistic services, Gospel literature and personal testimony. The work is difficult and sometimes exhausting but the Lord is blessing these endeavours. As a result:

  • Serious and life threatening conditions have been diagnosed
  • Patients have received medicine they are not normally able to afford
  • Villages that once resisted the Gospel have welcomed the medical teams
  • Churches have been planted.

Much was accomplished over a number of years, but sadly previous funding ceased and SGA stepped in to ensure that this work can continue. We need your help. Join us as we support God’s people in this fruitful ministry.

“Thanks to this ministry many people have been saved from physical death ... but the most important thing is that thousands have heard the Gospel and hundreds have come to know the Lord”

Peter Mihalchiuk