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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

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Gospel Partners People Gospel Partners Urgently Needed throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia

“I thank you for your partnership in the Gospel”

Sergey ShalinskyFor over sixty years SGA has been serving the Church in Eastern Europe. In all this time, we have never sent missionaries overseas. Instead our aim has been to equip national Christians to reach their own people with the Gospel. An integral and growing part of this commitment is financial sponsorship of national evangelists, pastors and other Christian leaders as they endeavour to fulfil the role to which God has called them.

Recommendations for sponsorship are received from known and trusted partners who are familiar with the character and circumstances of the individual in view. Often great potential is evident in an individual’s ministry but is hindered by financial restraints and other practical needs. In such situations, and when funds are available, SGA agrees to sponsor an individual for a set period of time.

Regular reviews are built into the process and the individual is never fully sponsored. This helps to avoid creating an environment of dependency on western Christians. Nevertheless, there are occasions when sponsoring a national Christian makes a practical and lasting difference to a ministry. Could you support this sponsorship scheme and so become a Gospel partner to one of these faithful servants of the Lord?

Who is sponsored & how does the scheme work?

  • Evangelists and Church planters who bring the Gospel to those who have never heard before
  • Christian authors and translators working to provide invaluable resources for their people
  • Pastors of multiple churches with a wide variety of ministries and responsibilities
  • Directors of Bible Colleges training the next generation of Christian workers
  • Bible students being trained for Gospel ministry in SGA Mission Schools

Details of the scheme

  • Although the support level varies across different countries, a national worker can be sponsored from as little as £10 per month.
  • Individuals, groups and church fellowships can join together and share the cost. This is an arrangement we can organize for you.
  • You will be offered a number of options to best suit your interests.
  • A profile of the worker will be supplied along with regular reports that will keep you informed.
  • Normally a sponsor is asked to offer support for two years. This is then reviewed on a yearly basis.

Joining Together to Reach the Nations for Christ

Derek“Practical support for national workers is invaluable. As the Mission has observed the benefits and blessings of sponsorship we have developed this scheme so that it has now become our single largest financial commitment.

We firmly believe that sponsorship of the indigenous missionaries represents one of the most economical and fruitful ways for urban and rural evangelism. We can all be in this together!”

Rev. Derek Maxwell General Director SGA (UK)

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