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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ
Giving Hope 1 Giving Hope to Children and Orphans Helping to Meet the Needs of Thousands of Children and Orphans in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
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NASTYA (right) was left homeless when both her parents died from a drugs overdose in 2000. Since then she has been living at the orphanage in Odessa, Ukraine. Today Nastya is a good student at the High School and wishes to continue her education, but is unsure where she will go and how she will live.

RODION (right) has been in the orphanage since 2000 when his mother disappeared. No one knows where his father is. Rodion also studies at the High School and dreams of going to college to study further, but his future is also uncertain.

SGA is giving hope to children and orphans like Nastya and Rodion today.

We have been involved in the care and support of orphans in Ukraine for many years. At the age of eighteen years young people must leave the orphanage where they have received the love and care of Christian house parents. SGA has been helping Grace Church in Odessa to fund the building of a Transition House which will house young people like Nastya and Rodion, in separate apartments. Finance is still needed to support this building project and other children’s ministries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

You could help us give hope to children and orphans by supporting one of the ministries to which we are already committed.

Give hope to orphans as they adapt to the outside world.

You could give hope to eighteen year old orphans by helping us complete the building of the Christian Transition House in Ukraine where, under the supervision of house parents, they begin to live independent lives for the first time.

Give hope by supporting the work among orphans in Ukraine

You could give hope by helping to fund the house parents at the Children’s Shelter in Odessa Ukraine, where thirty six orphans have been adopted and are now living.

Give hope by supporting the work among orphans in Moldova

You could give hope by helping SGA support a married couple as they seek to bring a Christian influence into state-run orphanages. They visit regularly to teach the Bible and seek to establish long-term links between the orphanage and the local church.

Give hope by funding Christmas presents for children in Central Asia

You could give hope by helping to purchase presents through our ‘Joy of Christmas’ project for the children of poor families in Kazakhstan. Among the varied items contained in each parcel is a Children’s Bible.

Give hope to a child in Central Asia to go to a Christian camp

Your gift could give hope by making it possible for a child in Central Asia to attend a Christian camp in Kazakhstan and have the opportunity to come to Christ. These camps seek to reach orphans, children from non-Christian homes and street children with the Gospel.

Your gifts could give hope not only for tomorrow, but give real hope in Jesus Christ, through the witness of dedicated Christian workers who are committed to sharing God’s love with the children and young people for whom God has burdened their hearts.