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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

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Getting Men Moving Getting Men Moving Removing a barrier to spreading the Gospel

A Practical Problem

Across Eastern Europe there are thousands of towns and villages with no evangelical witness. We thank God for the great number of new churches planted in recent years, but the need is great and there is still much more to be done.

One of the great obstacles Christian workers face is travelling to these needy areas. Because of the economic problems in their countries many struggle to afford to buy or run a car. Public transport is unreliable or non-existent and as a result men are having to walk for hours to isolated villages in great spiritual need. The following three examples illustrate the problem and the need for help.

Leonid Turia

Worker 3Leonid is a Pastor ministering in 3 villages which are all approximately 4 - 5 km apart. He has no car. There is no public transport so he is forced to either rely on lifts or make this journey on foot. Obviously this situation is far from ideal; it restricts the number of visits he can make to each village, limits the effectiveness of his ministry among the people and is a major factor in preventing more churches from being planted in an area where the spiritual need is immense.

The provision of a motor bike would be ideal for his circumstances and would undoubtedly make an enormous contribution to a more effective ministry for Christ in his region.

Yuri Didik

Worker 2Yuri has just graduated from the SGA Mission School and is a Pastor in the village of Natalevka which is located about 12km from the city of Balti. He also ministers in another village called Beleutsi which is approximately 5km further. It is a district with many hills and Yuri`s only form of transport is his bicycle which limits the number of visits he can make to evangelise and encourage the Christians. He has also been attacked by dogs which seem to have a particular dislike for cyclists.

This hard-working, willing and zealous servant of the Lord would love to engage in more ministry in the villages but his lack of transport limits his opportunity to do so.

Ivan Yasilikovsky

Worker 1Ivan is 67 and travels 2-3 times per week to the village of Trnova in order to pastor God’s people and preach the Gospel. However the journey is difficult and time-consuming. It begins with a 3km walk to the bus station. From there Ivan makes the 40km journey and then has another 2km walk to the Church. When the services and home visits are over he begins the return journey often waiting up to 2 hours for his bus. Not surprisingly this is having an impact on Ivan’s health. It is obvious that a motor bike is not the answer in this situation. The only practical solution is the purchase of a used car. We have been told we can buy a suitable vehicle for £1700.

Our aim is to purchase these motor bikes so that evangelists and church planters can reach more people with the Gospel of Christ!

Motor Bike with PriceThe problems of transportation facing pastors and evangelists in Eastern Europe is not just an inconvenience, it is a great hindrance to effective ministry. However, with your help we can make a difference. By purchasing these motor bikes, or helping to provide other vehicles, we can give these dedicated and gifted men

more opportunities to visit

more villages so that they may plant

more churches for the glory of God!

Will you join us as we get men moving with the Gospel?