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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

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Bread of Life Front Bread of Life Help us show the love of Christ to those in need. Reaching the vulnerable for the glory of God.
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During the bloodshed, hatred and human tragedy of the Yugoslav wars, SGA supported a Christian organization that displayed the love and grace of God to those in need.

‘Bread of Life’ was the response of two local Evangelical Churches in Belgrade to the growing humanitarian crisis which overwhelmed the region. From 1992 to 2004 believers from these churches ministered to the physical and spiritual needs of hundreds of thousands of refugees.

God answered His people’s prayers in remarkable ways. In the middle of a war characterized by ethnic hatred, testimonies abound of how God used His people to display the difference brought about by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Work Continues

The refugee crisis has come to an end. However, the work of Bread of Life has not. As Serbia struggles to deal with the aftermath of war, there remains a great need to minister to many marginalized people in practical ways, and in the spiritual realm by sharing the message of forgiveness and new life in Christ. ‘Bread of Life’ workers are very aware, as they do this, that they are following the example of their Lord.

The aim of Bread of Life is to reach out to the vulnerable and marginalized from today’s society in order to meet their physical and spiritual needs to the glory of God.

Marginalized Elderly

Elderly men and women are among the most vulnerable people in Serbian society today. They make up 18% of the total population and many of them live on the edge of starvation. Bread of Life ministers to this group by providing practical home and health care. The aim is to meet their material needs, provide a day care centre and help with referrals to social and health institutions.

Marginalized Children

The largest marginalized group in Serbia is that of Roma children. 62% have not completed primary school education, and 70,000 Roma children do not attend school at all. Bread of Life helps this generation of children and their families by providing tuition for children, classes for parents, support for women’s groups and workshops that deal with handling prejudice. This is a 10 year project which aims to fight existing poverty by changing people’s attitudes to education. It is carried out in partnership with the Roma churches in the area, which have grown as a result of this project.

How SGA Helps

For 16 years SGA has helped to support Bread of Life. We continue to do this through:

  • Financially supporting projects for the poorest among the elderly and the Roma population.
  • Teaching and helping to equip Bread of Life workers for their mission to the poor.
  • Funding a retreat centre for the elderly and camp facilities for children.

Please join with us in supporting this valuable and needy ministry. Together we can show the love of Christ to those most in need.

Bread of Life Ministries

Bread Of Life Ministries