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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

Sponsor a National Missionary

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Hundreds of villages are without any evangelical witness. Many village people want to go to church, but have no transport. It is vital that we see churches planted where no witness exists, or where existing evangelical church needs reviving.

Orthodox-ChurchThe Orthodox Church attempts to maintain a stranglehold on the religious life of many countries of SGA’s operations. This is particularly apparent in the village communities. Furthermore, false cults are already established in many villages, and are sowing the seeds of their false gospels. SGA graduates have been trained and equipped to confront such error and preach the Gospel of Christ, but most cannot afford to sustain themselves in these desperately needy situations. Consider the strategically important role of national workers.

The advantages are obvious. They

• Have no language or cultural barriers to overcome

• Are familiar with social needs in their area

• Are well prepared and sensitive in their presentation of the Gospel in their culture

• Can identify the best methods for evangelism in their communities

• Live at a fraction of the cost of foreign missionaries

• Are willing to serve with limited resources

Possible involvement in national missionary support:

• Part or full sponsorship welcomed

• Can be individual or church group sponsorship

• Initial commitment is for two years

• Prayer support for the missionary and his/her work SGA’s involvement with you.

We will:

• Supply a profile of the missionary family

• Provide updates and fresh information about the progress of the Gospel in the missionary’s location

• Be readily available to answer your questions

What financial support means to national missionaries!

Trajan serves the Lord in Serbia. Here is a recent comment from him:

Trajan-family‘A few minutes before I had received the support, Rachel and I were just talking how we remained at zero with finances, and how we need the Lord to provide for tomorrow’s day. At the end of the discussion and prayer, God had already answered. I want to give my gratitude to our Lord and to SGA for your care for my ministry and family.’

Cost: £30 - £300 per month will part or fully support a national missionary.