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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

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The God Who Does New Things

Hand writting

New Year is the time when we traditionally think of new beginnings! It is a time when many people like to take stock of their lives, their businesses or perhap…read more

Progress Made & Plans Laid!

Plan Ahead

What has been happening, and what is ‘in the pipeline’? Assessing progress is always a delight when obvious progress has been made! In the goodness of God we …read more

Caring for Widows

Widows hand

For many years SGA has been actively involved in equipping God’s people to serve and care for vulnerable widows in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Often living…read more

The Fruit Of Your Prayers

Praying Hands 2

The Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians of the blessing upon his Gospel ministry through their prayers for him [2 Corinthians 1:11]. He paints a beautiful wo…read more

‘Children now sing where rocks once were thrown’

Remus Preaching

Near to the city of Satu Mare in northern Romania is the village of Odoreu, a Roma community in which quite remarkable things have been taking place. For some …read more

Team Work

Hand writting

When travelling around the Romanian countryside at harvest time I am often reminded of the parallels we can draw with the spiritual harvest. During one of my e…read more

True Dedication

Tranisition House July 2015

For many years SGA has been in partnership with Grace Church in Odessa, Ukraine as they have sought to serve and bring the Gospel to some of the most needy chil…read more