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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

Latest News

A Good Move

New Hope Congregation

Lajos Racz, the pastor of Bicske Baptist Church and Director of the SGA Mission School there, had been aware for some time that the majority of students were tr…read more

Turning disaster into a celebration of life

Danube Children

‘If it weren’t for the flood, I would never have known what it means to have my sins washed away by the blood of Christ.’ These are the words of one of the many…read more

From the director’s desk - How big is your God?

Hand writting

Summer is here! Many people already have their holiday plans in place, looking forward to a well-earned break. For some it is a relaxed holiday in a quiet l…read more

Giving hope to the vulnerable

Transition House

There have been many special occasions associated with Grace Baptist Church, Odessa, Ukraine but this one was exceptional. The tenth anniversary of the church …read more

Dreams and prayers

Ismet - Testimony

My name is Ismet Iakup. I am twenty-eight years old, married, with three boys. I have been brought up in a Muslim family. My parents taught me to believe in …read more

Under the spotlight

Peter Slovakia

We asked Pastor Peter Pristiak from Slovakia to go under the Spotlight.

Peter, can you please tell us something about your family, home and background?

I grew u…read more

A Year Of Celebration

Derek & Bob

What a blessing and encouragement it is to look back and take note of what the Lord has enabled us to do in His name. The 60th anniversary year of SGA UK was m…read more