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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

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Building Beacons of Light

H of P

Slavic Gospel Association responds to a wide range of situations and needs across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Mission provides support for Christian w…read more

‘Live Outside the Cage!’

Drug Addiction

No – not a wildlife or zoological programme, but along with another presentation called ‘Youth Without Drugs’, it is part of a drugs abuse prevention ministry t…read more

BLT? Not a Savoury Sandwich

Bible Study 2

…but the ‘cutting edge’ of SGA’s ministry - Biblical Leadership Training. In the early days the purpose of the long, difficult overland journeys through the ‘Ir…read more

Helped by Word & Example

Suceava Teaching

SGA teaches in Eastern Europe and Central Asia so that Christian leaders will be equipped to reach their own people with the Gospel. A vital component of any Mi…read more

A Tale of Two Cities


On the surface, the cities of Baia Mare and Szeged share very little in common. The Hungarian city of Szeged lies on the River Tisza, a major central European r…read more

For Generations to Come

Emanuel University 2

Emanuel Christian University, Oradea, grew out of a vision planted by God in the minds of Romanian church leaders who had profited richly from training received…read more

‘A Well of Living Water’

Reading Book

Many students have testified to the immense value of their time at SGA’s Mission Schools and how this has prepared them for the ministry to which God has called…read more