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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

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The Blessings of Partnership in Macedonia

Map Macedonia

“Come over into Macedonia, and help us” Acts 16:9-10

The term ‘Macedonian call’ refers to a God-given vision that directed the route Paul took on his second mi…read more

A Very Biblical Ministry

Widow Village

“Old age doesn’t come alone!” Many would agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment! Aches, pains, deterioration of hearing and eyesight, are just a few of the ma…read more

First ... but Lagging Behind?

Map Macedonia

The Gospel first reached mainland Europe when the Apostle Paul visited the city of Philippi in Macedonia. Paul received a remarkable summons to bring ‘help’ to …read more

Progress Made & Plans Laid!

Plan Ahead

What has been happening, and what is ‘in the pipeline’? Assessing progress is always a delight when obvious progress has been made! In the goodness of God we …read more

Welcome to Macedonia

Macedonia Flag

Welcome to the Republic of Macedonia, part of the former Communist federation of Yugoslavia. Macedonia is poor economically – it has the highest unemployment r…read more

Sponsorship in Action

Partnership 1

All Round Ministry in Macedonia

Ivan Grozdanov is an articulate, intelligent man, but he has difficulty answering the simple question ‘What do you do?’ For man…read more