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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

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Facing Opposition

Bible Chain

Aidana is a widow but her husband is still alive! How can that be? Her story is typical of a number of young women in Central Asia who have been converted to …read more

BLT? Not a Savoury Sandwich

Bible Study 2

…but the ‘cutting edge’ of SGA’s ministry - Biblical Leadership Training. In the early days the purpose of the long, difficult overland journeys through the ‘Ir…read more

A Very Biblical Ministry

Widow Village

“Old age doesn’t come alone!” Many would agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment! Aches, pains, deterioration of hearing and eyesight, are just a few of the ma…read more

Progress Made & Plans Laid!

Plan Ahead

What has been happening, and what is ‘in the pipeline’? Assessing progress is always a delight when obvious progress has been made! In the goodness of God we …read more

Precious Fruit Of Camp Ministry

Camps Children In Trailer

From very early in SGA’s ministry behind the Iron Curtain, the Mission supported camp outreach, financially, practically, and through teaching involvement by st…read more

Healing Waters of Velingrad

Velingrade School 2014

One of our more remote Mission Schools is located in Velingrad, Bulgaria. A two-hour drive south from Sofia, this spa town in the Rhodope Mountains is popular w…read more

Under The Spotlight


For this edition of Breakthrough we asked Pastor Stojan Slavchev from Bulgaria to go under the Spotlight.

Stojan can you please tell us something about your fam…read more