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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

The Blessings of Partnership in Macedonia

Map Macedonia

“Come over into Macedonia, and help us” Acts 16:9-10

The term ‘Macedonian call’ refers to a God-given vision that directed the route Paul took on his second missionary journey. The ever-faithful apostle of Christ responded to the call and brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Macedonian people. Almost 2000 years later a renewed call from Macedonia touched the hearts of the SGA leadership in the UK and they responded. The vision this time, was to help the Macedonian people with Christian literature in their native, Macedonian language. Thus a true Christian partnership began and it was maintained throughout a period of several decades.

Macedonia Book ConfAmong the dozens of published literature projects fully sponsored by SGA, two are particularly worth mentioning. One is the revision of the New Testament completed by Dr. Ivan Grozdanov and his team, and the subsequent printing of the initial 18,000 copies in 1998. This became so popular that the GIDEONS printed an additional 150,000 copies over a period of 15 years to cope with the demand. The second work was a creation of a set of Bible Course Materials (12 separate study booklets) by Ivan and the printing of these under the title “The Twelve Pillars of the Christian Faith”. This Introductory Course brought many souls to Christ, mainly in the capital Skopje. In addition, Ivan is SGA’s ‘Literature Ministry Partner’ in Macedonia, and in addition to the above he has authored over 20 Christian books on various topics, such as Christian Marriage, Prayer, Knowing God, Christian Ethics, The Lord’s Supper, Dealing with Emotions, etc. Over 30 Christian books were translated into the Macedonia language and published, partly sponsored by SGA. The most recent of these is “Has Science Buried God?” by Professor John Lennox. Currently three more books are underway, one on Faith and Science, a second on Sermons from Romans and a third book ‘Devotions for Children’. Many more topics are planned for the future.

Each year the International Book Fair held in Skopje is the highlight of Ivan’s literature ministry. Tens of thousands of visitors look at the books and several hundred buy one or more books. This year (April 4-10) more than in previous years, the best customers were children and young people which is very encouraging.

Skopje ChurchIn addition to sponsoring literature ministries, SGA has been a faithful partner in many other areas such as helping widows and refugees and the building of a new Christian Centre in Skopje. This will house and distribute Christian literature throughout Macedonia as well as serving as a church and Christian education and conference facility. Final work on this vital facility for their Christian ministries in Macedonia is underway. Parts of the building are already in use and it is expected that the final move and full use of the building will be in September of this year. On behalf of the Macedonian people, especially those who earnestly seek the Lord, Ivan expresses deepest gratitude to the leaders of SGA, to all prayer partners in the UK, as well as to each church and individual who has made financial contribution towards Gospel work in Macedonia over the many years of faithful partnership.