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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

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SGA has been involved in the training of new leaders in Moldova for over 30 years. It has also financially sponsored many of those new leaders in order that they may fulfil the ministry the Lord has called them to. We asked Pastor Peter Mihalchiuk to reflect on the importance and effectiveness of this partnership in Moldova.

Peter Mil‘The Leadership Support Programme of the Slavic Gospel Association in Moldova was launched in 2000, when the UK branch celebrated its 50th anniversary. By this time, as a result of the great awakening that began after the fall of the USSR in 1990 and lasted until the early 2000s, small groups of believers had emerged in many areas. But those groups remained without spiritual counselling because of the catastrophic lack of ministering missionaries, and unfortunately in some villages the repented believers returned to a worldly lifestyle. Missionaries who studied at the SGA Mission School in Balti were mostly from large churches. Moving to a new village where a nucleus of believers was gathered seemed impossible because of the lack of housing, and to visit a village 50-80 km away from their place of residence was difficult because there was no means of covering transportation expenses. Therefore, the support through SGA was received as a response to the long-term prayers of believers in our country. Thanks to this programme great opportunities have presented themselves to open new churches and preach the gospel especially in areas that have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Roman PreachingPeter continues… ‘Take Pastor Roman Todoseichiuk for example, who after graduation from the SGA Mission School, was called to mission work in a village of Pervomaiskoe. The distance from Roman’s home to the new village was approximately 70 km making it impossible to start the ministry without SGA’s support. Leadership Support helped him to rent a house for a while, enabling him to completely give himself over to the work of the Gospel. Roman shares: “I cannot even imagine how I could have performed every aspect of my ministry without the financial support … Every time we pray with the family we thank God for the people in Great Britain who, together with us carry out the ministry through prayer and sacrificial giving.”

Another Moldovan missionary supported by SGA, Alexander Polishchiuk, currently serves in three villages. One is over 80km away from his home. He writes: “More than half of the funds sent by SGA I spend on transportation costs. We have terrible roads, so in addition to buying fuel, a lot of money goes towards car repairs, especially of the chassis. Yet something remains for the family. We have a big family of six sons and a small daughter, but when we sit down at the table even the smaller children pray and thank God for those people who provide for us. This is not only an opportunity to do more for the Lord with our family, but also an inspired example of being as sacrificial and dedicated as our brothers and sisters from the United Kingdom are.”

Pastor Peter Mihalchiuk is in no doubt about the benefits of this partnership and the Leadership Support Programme. He concludes: ‘The action of serving others by Christians in Great Britain has become a saving fragrance for thousands of people in our country and in many hearts has produced gratefulness to God. As the apostle Paul wrote: “thanks be to God” (2 Cor. 2:14).’