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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

Stepping out in Faith


SGA’s partnership with the Good News Foundation in Orgavany, Hungary, spans many years and now two generations. The ‘baton’ of this vital ministry has passed from father to son. Donát Ficsor has taken on the leadership of and responsibility for the ministry from his father Charles. The Good News Foundation is currently busy producing good Christian literature, including several children’s books, a book on Christian marriage and several others which relate some Christian testimonies.

Donat Ficsor preachingRecently Donát made the life-changing decision to go full-time in God’s service. After seeking wise counsel from family and trusted Christian friends he handed in his notice as a senior engineer at a local building firm. It was a job he very much enjoyed, but, he said; “After a lot of prayer, I have made the decision that I will continue in full time ministry at the Good News Foundation. The need to surrender to the unmistakable call from the Lord became even stronger, urging me to step out in faith. I had to face one direction with all my heart so I have had to choose one from among many good choices.”

Donát goes on to say how SGA played a part in his decision. “Derek Maxwell, a good friend from earlier times, visited us in Orgovány. It was a real joy to meet again and to share some testimonies. He offered financial help for publishing a book and for some general purposes like our family’s living. This offer was one answer to our prayers and it was just in a season when God was speaking to me that I have to trust Him. SGA’s leadership support offer had a part in helping me to make the decision. Thank you very much!”

Life continues to be busy beyond the ministry, with the family presently building a house, and Barbara, Donát’s wife, expecting their fourth child towards the end of the summer - “a gift from the Lord.”

So, the Ficsor family move forward trusting God step by step, knowing He has good things ahead for them. The practical help of SGA’s Leadership Support programme is a wonderful provision of God alongside the prayers of SGA supporters. In Donát’s own words: “I am awaiting with excitement what the Lord prepares for me. I am going to take my part in it and I’m also very grateful that by your prayers you too are members of our team.”

Donát specifically requests prayer:

  • for God’s fulfilment of the Good News Foundation vision.
  • for humility and courage to follow the heavenly call.
  • for good health, physical endurance, and a problem-free childbirth for Barbara
  • for growth in financial resources and further godly co-workers to join them.

Please uphold the family – Donat, Barbara, Dominik, Dorkas and Ernestina – in your prayers as they obey the Lord’s calling on their lives.