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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

Money Matters for Leadership Support


Believers are sometimes reluctant to talk about the need for money to develop and enlarge the Lord’s work. It seems a little ‘unspiritual’, or perhaps indicative of a lack of faith in God’s provision. But wait a moment! Have you ever pondered the fact that Jesus and His disciples had bills to pay? They had to eat and drink and be provided for in other material ways. How was their ministry supported? Luke tells us [8:1-3]. As Jesus engaged in His itinerant preaching ministry He and His disciples were supported materially by Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Susanna and many others, ‘who provided for them out of their own means’. They were involved in a ministry of ‘leadership support’.

John BirnieFinancial support is vital and necessary today for pushing out the boundaries of Gospel witness in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Through SGA’s Leadership Support Programme around 150 national workers are assisted or supported financially to carry on their ministries in the Mission’s countries of operation. The range and variety of those ministries is quite remarkable. Among those being supported are:

  • pastors
  • evangelists
  • church planters
  • children’s, youth, and camp workers
  • Christian house-parents
  • authors, writers and publishers
  • college directors and lecturers
  • translators
  • Mission School directors

Believers are a tiny minority in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and in general they are materially poor. The majority of churches are small and cannot afford to support a pastor or contribute to wider Gospel ministry in their home countries. Church planting, which is the key to penetrating village communities with the Gospel, is by definition a start from a very small base, from which no financial support is available. These considerations underlie SGA’s essential provision of leadership support.

The level of support varies from individual to individual, depending on circumstances, the nature of the ministry, and other sources of income. These levels are reviewed regularly to help ensure that money goes where it is most needed. Some receive a small regular sum for transport and travel costs, while others receive more substantial funding to enable them to commit their whole time to ministry opportunities and responsibilities. All express profound gratefulness for the help received, because without it ministry would be inhibited and in some cases rendered almost impossible.

Gospel Partners FrontSGA supporters are already actively involved in the Leadership Support Programme through the ongoing ‘Gospel Partnership’ project. Individuals or churches can sponsor a particular leader in ministry for a set period of time, and from as little as £10 per month. Full details can be found in the ‘Gospel Partners’ project leaflet available from the Office or by following the link below. As you read the stories and testimonies in this edition of Breakthrough, you will have convincing evidence of the invaluable contribution to the spread of the Gospel made by our Leadership Support Programme.

Gospel Partners Project ...