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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

If You Want A Job Doing ...

Trajan & family

If you want a job done, give it to a busy person! By any measure, Trajan Kacina fits that description. Trajan serves as Pastor Avram Dega’s assistant at the Baptist church in Vršac, a Serbian city located north-east of Belgrade near to the Romanian border. Trajan is married to Rachel and they have 3 young boys: Andrej, Luka and Aleksandar. Trajan met Rachel at the Vršac Church where she was a member of the choir.

In addition to his responsibilities in Vršac, Trajan is pastor of a Romanian speaking church in the nearby village of Nikolinci, the village where he grew up. A significant proportion of the population of the region are Romanian speaking. He oversees another small fellowship in Mali Zam, and is also involved in children’s ministry, youth camps, humanitarian work (in collaboration with Bread of Life), and the translation of Christian books. Until recently Trajan was a part-time high school teacher and coordinator of the SGA Mission School in Vršac. In 2016, he was appointed field ministry coordinator for the Romanian Baptist Churches of Serbia. This entails a wider preaching and visitation ministry.

TrajanFamily life has not been easy. Andrej and Luka have a genetic illness that affects their physical and social development. Frequent journeys to Belgrade are needed for speech therapy and physiotherapy – essential treatment if the boys are to cope with mainstream education.

Trajan was born in Timisoara in 1985. His father was Serbian and his mother Romanian. Sadly, his mother died suddenly when he was 6 and he was brought up by his father and grandmother. His father was an unbeliever at the time, but Trajan was taken to church regularly by his grandmother. His father was converted a few years after the tragic death of his wife, and at the age of 14 Trajan also trusted Christ as his Saviour.

Trajan’s father served as a deacon at the church at Nikolinci, which had no pastor at the time. When his father was sent as a missionary to a nearby village, Trajan started to preach and lead the church at Nikolinci. He was just 16 years old!

Trajan excelled at school. On finishing high school, he was offered a Romanian university scholarship to study History. He did not take this up immediately, preferring instead to go to Bible College. However, after one year at Timisoara Baptist Bible Institute he felt he could devote enough time to commence university studies. He took up the university scholarship and following the completion of Bachelor and Masters degrees, gained a PhD in Ancient Roman History.

For several years Trajan has received financial support from SGA. He says, “The SGA prayer and ministry support has been a real blessing to us. The ministry I am involved in requires a lot of travelling and without that support I would not be able to do it. SGA is a strategic partner, not just to me, but to the ministry in this part of Serbia.”

Recently, a church planting opportunity has arisen in the village of Grebenac, 25km south of Vršac. Trajan is working there with a group from Romania and they hope to have their first baptism this Autumn. Trajan also has links with Sweden and has travelled to minister to Serbs and Romanians living there. He is burdened for the great need of Gospel ministry among these groups. May the Lord use him as he endeavours to encourage and teach them the Word of God.