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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

‘Live Outside the Cage!’

Drug Addiction

No – not a wildlife or zoological programme, but along with another presentation called ‘Youth Without Drugs’, it is part of a drugs abuse prevention ministry to young people carried out by “Voice of the Gospel”, Poland. Two brothers, Adam and Jacek, regularly visit schools highlighting the dangers and presenting testimonies of lives once destroyed by drugs, which have been changed by Jesus Christ. Henryk Dedo, director of “Voice of the Gospel”, shared a testimony from one of the addicts who attended a prevention meeting; ‘This meeting changed my life. Now I look on the drugs which I was taking in a completely different way. I now have a lot to think about and consider... Maybe, thanks to this, some day someone will have a good husband and a good father.’

Bread of Life SignIn Serbia, a related ministry organized by Bread of Life has brought new hope to many former addicts. Most of these had never worked, had no trade, were not used to responsibility and had no structure to their lives. BOL’s umbrella organization ‘Izlazak’ (meaning Exodus), has helped many converted addicts fit back into society by giving them the opportunity to work, to learn new skills, to carry responsibility and to be accountable. Some of these men and women are now part of SGA’s Mission School in Belgrade.

Igor Stefanovic, for example, had a drugs problem for ten years; ‘I was addicted to every known drug. However my life was turned upside down when I joined a local Christian rehabilitation centre. Today I am blessed with my wife and three beautiful children. I’m working with my brothers and sisters in EXODUS, a job I love, and I also have the privilege to be part of the SGA Mission School. The school has answered so many questions for me, and I have learned how much the Lord loves me through these lessons.’

Based in Cluj-Napoca Romania, Violeta Faragau, with a group of young Christian professionals responded to God’s call to help with many social issues ‘outside the walls of the church’. They set up a ministry called ‘Preventis’ focusing on abuse prevention and helping addicts towards recovery. This group of committed believers carries out the various aspects of its ministry by regular schools’ visitation, and ongoing public campaigns designed to raise awareness of the dangers. Personal counselling and support is offered and many are referred to them from schools, child protection services and probation services. Others find Preventis through the internet or advertising materials distributed to a number of hospitals. Praise God for some who have been converted to Christ.

SGA rejoices in the privilege of supporting these different friends, and in many lives transformed through the power of the Gospel releasing men and women from the bondage of addiction.