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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

Conversions Under Canvas

Tent Ministry

‘Our big tent, which had served us faithfully for 15 years, wore out, and we had to repair it to be able to use it for at least another season. The weather was not very favourable, every day it rained…’ The report of a Christian camp leader in Kazakhstan.

In Turkmenistan, National Security Committee members confronted a camp leader there. He writes: ‘They knew in detail how many children we had and where we took them for the camp. The main message they wanted to convey was that they wanted us to stop doing camps before they imposed serious sanctions on us.”

Challenges to Christian camp ministry come in different forms, all designed to hinder this vital means of reaching young people for Christ. Yet it continues, and is instrumental in the salvation of many. Dima from Tajikistan had a troubled upbringing. Abandoned by his mother he was a difficult, violent child. He went to Christian camps for a few years, initially with little effect. However, at a recent camp the Lord spoke to him and he realised he needed to change. He now wants to become a missionary!

CamperSGA supports a number of camp projects and leaders involved in camp ministry. Consistently, this has been a powerful means of reaching young people for Christ. The Kazakhstan camp leader quoted above continues his report: “These inconveniences only encouraged us to pray more. On the very last day of the camp there was a special blessing, when eighteen teenagers and children came to the Lord. Praise the Lord!”

Similarly, the Turkmen camp leader goes on to report: “We had two camps in two different places. When we were done, we could give a sigh of relief. No one complained, no one betrayed the place, no one reported us. We thank the Lord that He allows us to triumph in Jesus Christ.”

The summer period is also a busy time for tent missions. Cezary Komisarz has directed a Polish tent mission programme for the last 12 years. One week long outreach events are usually held in four different locations throughout Poland. During the day they hold kids’ clubs with many children attending. At one mission in Nowogard, “over 100 children and 24 volunteers from morning till late afternoon spent time under the tent… Bible stories, songs, every activity focused on the subject, “The Way to Heaven”. Many parents who brought their children, stayed and listened carefully to the Gospel as well”. In the evenings evangelistic meetings for families are conducted.

Justyna was raised in a Polish Roman Catholic family. They rarely went to church. When she was 15 her mother attended a huge tent where people spoke about God. She asked Justyna to go with her. “No way! I’m not going to do that!” she thought, but in the end her mother made her go.

“Both our lives were transformed that summer. I heard for the very first time that God loved me so much that He gave His only beloved Son to die for my sins, and that I can have His forgiveness… The tent mission is very special to me and very close to my heart. It’s an amazing opportunity for people who don’t have enough courage to visit church. Also, people who don’t go inside but stand outside can hear everything. Even if they are not brave enough to go in they still can hear God’s Word!”

SGA has supported Cezary and this tent mission programme for many years. It has proved to be an effective means of sharing the Good News with many who otherwise would not hear. Pray for the various evangelistic opportunities that will take place under canvas this summer. Many can testify to the spiritual benefits of Christian camps. Many more have had their lives transformed by means of various tent mission programmes in which the Gospel is proclaimed to young and old.