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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

Building Beacons of Light

H of P

Slavic Gospel Association responds to a wide range of situations and needs across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Mission provides support for Christian workers not only in areas of ministry such as Bible teaching, transport, literature, and humanitarian needs, but also in the critical need for Houses of Prayer. Some years ago a Moldovan church leader uttered this heart cry. “If only we had our own meeting place – what a help that would be. If there was the possibility of a portable hall for use in church planting and evangelism, the burden would be eased!”

SGA responded to this yearning desire and helped to provide this kind of temporary building. However, with local restrictions tightening, it became almost impossible to obtain planning permission to erect portable buildings in villages. Permanent buildings had to be provided. Some of these were new builds, while others were little village homes which were purchased and transformed into attractive meeting places.

As graduates from our mission schools experience God’s blessing in evangelism and church planting, they face the same acute need as in those early days: “If only we had our own meeting place”. John Miaun, a former mission school student, planted a church in North West Moldova. Here a village home was recently purchased and funds provided for a replacement roof. Several years ago SGA funded the purchase and reconstruction of a house in a neighbouring village where John also serves.

Ciuciueni Peter & NikolaiRecently the new church building in Cuciueni was officially opened to the glory of God. The basement is yet to be developed but already there are plans to use it as a dining area for children. An SGA team who preached in the new building commented on the very high standard of workmanship and the excellent functional design of the building. Mission school graduate, Pastor Peter Maga expressed his deep appreciation to SGA for all the financial help with the construction.

Travel north east from Balti and you will reach Otaci, located on the Ukrainian border close to Kalarashovca, where Peter Mihalchiuk leads an extensive Gospel ministry. Roman Todoseichiuk, another graduate from the SGA mission school is pastor of a thriving church fellowship. Recent reports indicated that they had outgrown the old building and really needed a new facility. In response to an urgent request, SGA initially provided funding for foundations to be laid, and now the erection of the building has commenced. Plans are in place to have this building completed and opened to God’s glory in November.

A short journey across the river Dniester by rail or car brings you into the neighbouring country of Ukraine - a nation devastated by continuing conflict, yet a country that has a vibrant, visionary church. The last edition of Breakthrough highlighted SGA’s involvement in the Urban Church Planting Initiative. Recently Pastor Igor Bandura requested funding for a building to accommodate a new church plant in west Ukraine. Praise God we were able to answer the call and help fund this project.

SGA has provided funding for church buildings in many areas of Eastern Europe and the requests keep coming. The most recent is from Pastor Nikolai Malai in Moldova where a House of Prayer is required for a group of believers who are presently meeting in the home of the missionary.

Remember, these are not mere buildings! They are beacons of light in the community! Places where God’s Word is preached! A meeting place with God! Pray for us as we continue, “investing in stones that speak!”