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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

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A man with Bible

A strange and disturbing ratio! What is it? It is the number of Bibles in their own language available to Kazakh speakers in Central Asia – only 60,000 Bibles have been produced for a total of over 11 million people whose first language is Kazakh! It is vital and urgent that God’s Word should be more readily accessible to this spiritually needy community. Bibel-Mission, SGA’s long-standing partner in Central Asia, has come up with a strategy to address this critical need.

Kazakh BibleThe proposal is to produce 100,000 Kazakh Bibles, to be distributed by local churches to family homes. The rationale behind the project is this. Kazakh families are traditionally large – ten children in one family is not unusual. Putting a Bible into 100,000 homes has the potential of reaching one million people with God’s Word – in their own language. The collapse of the Soviet Union heralded a new era for the newly independent Kazakhstan, and one way in which that independence is being expressed is in the displacement of the Russian language and the establishment of Kazakh as the first language of the nation.

Already the Kazakh Bible has made a deep impact on those who have been able to obtain one. Some of the testimonies of converts are both thrilling and challenging.

Aman was mayor of his village, a position of influence and prestige in Kazakh society. A Christian believer presented him with a Kazakh Bible. He had only ever seen a Russian Bible – for him a foreign language - and was rather suspicious of his Kazakh ‘present’. He began to read, but then stopped and put the Bible away. It made him uncomfortable as it revealed to him that he was a sinner. However he felt compelled to take it down and read more, and knew that God was speaking to him. ‘God spoke to me through His Word – in my very own language!’ Today Aman, his wife and daughter are believers and they pray on for their son!

Kazakh with BiblesKhamsafanu, a Kazakh woman brought up in traditional Muslim religion, suffered much in a troubled marriage. She left and found refuge with some relatives. On the children’s bookshelf in that home she discovered and began to read a Children’s Bible in the Kazakh language. She loved the stories and read it through, coming to realize that Jesus loved her and had died to take away her sin. She took the promise of forgiveness and salvation to herself personally, and today is a believer who now has access to the whole Bible in her own language. But many are still without such access!

The heart cry of Christian leaders underlines the great need. Here is just one of many such pleas. If I had a Bible in Kazakh, I could tell other Kazakhs about Jesus. Then they would no longer have the argument that Jesus is a Russian God.

SGA is committed to giving substantial help to this vital ministry of putting God’s Word into the hands of many ethnic Kazakhs, in the knowledge that it is the Word of God which will bring light to darkened souls, and that those who read will ‘know the truth and the truth will set them free‘.