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To serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ

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Money Matters for Leadership Support

Believers are sometimes reluctant to talk about the need for money to develop and enlarge the Lord’s work. It seems a little ‘unspiritual’, or perhaps indicative of a lack of faith in God’s provision. But wai…continue reading »

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A Life Saved to Serve

Irina 1

Can you remember the first class you translated in?

This was a question posed to Irina Gancear a few months ago when she was interviewed about her memories as …read more

Support for Service

Bible & harvest Field

SGA has been involved in the training of new leaders in Moldova for over 30 years. It has also financially sponsored many of those new leaders in order that the…read more

The Blessings of Partnership in Macedonia

Map Macedonia

“Come over into Macedonia, and help us” Acts 16:9-10

The term ‘Macedonian call’ refers to a God-given vision that directed the route Paul took on his second mi…read more

If You Want A Job Doing ...

Trajan & family

If you want a job done, give it to a busy person! By any measure, Trajan Kacina fits that description. Trajan serves as Pastor Avram Dega’s assistant at the Bap…read more

Stepping out in Faith


SGA’s partnership with the Good News Foundation in Orgavany, Hungary, spans many years and now two generations. The ‘baton’ of this vital ministry has passed fr…read more

Facing Opposition

Bible Chain

Aidana is a widow but her husband is still alive! How can that be? Her story is typical of a number of young women in Central Asia who have been converted to …read more